Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The perfect minibs for groups, elegant and comfortable with a lot of space for your luggages!

The new Mercedes-Benz SPRINTER is the best solution for the transfers of groups with  the maximum comfort,  without giving up the elegance. The Sprinter can hospitatee up to 8 passengers in absolute relax. Safe, robust and versatile, discover the new Mercedes-Benz SPRINTER.

More than a normal Sprinter!

Our Minibuses Mercedes SPRINTER have been modified from a specialized company in order to further improve the comfort (reclining seats, special ambience lights, additional ramp etc...).

Furthermore we offer the possibility to dispose the seats according to your needs (Standard option or "vis a vis" option, perfect for meeting during the transit.

Find below  one of our minibuses Mercedes-Benz SPRINTER.